CreativEvolang will feature a live exhibition of visual works and experiments related to creativity, innovation, and the evolution of language.

  • CreaStoria: a game of collaborative flash fiction (Christine Cuskley, Vittorio Loreto, Pietro Gravino, & Bernardo Monechi; ISI Turin, University of Rome La Sapienza, and CLE Edinburgh)
  • LegoPixel Art: Conceptual representation in confined color and space (Cesare Bianchi, Vittorio Loreto, & Pietro Gravino, University of Rome La Sapienza)
  • A Thespian Grammar of the body: footage from the Sign Language Theater Laboratory (Wendy Sandler, University of Haifa)
  • Comparing language, technology, and art: experimental Lego sculptures (Monica Tamariz, Simon Kirby, & Jon Carr, CLE Edinburgh)
  • Hallucinating structure and how we regularize time series data (Vanessa Ferdinand & Simon Kirby, Santa Fe Institute and CLE Edinburgh)
  • Creativity out of joint action: Drawings from experimental semiotics (Nicolas Fay, University of Western Australia)